"Draupadi" by Mahasveta Devi. Translated with a Foreword by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. Translator's Foreword. I translated this Bengali short. MAHASHWETA DEVI'S 'DRAUPADI' Mahasweta Devi was a famous women social activist, writer and journalist from India who worked hard for the growth of the. discrimination. Draupadi is translated by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak. Mahasweta Devi is probably the most widely translated Indian writer while working in an.

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Mahashweta devi's Draupadi - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Draupadi - The Symbol of Retaliation. PDF | ARTICLE INFO ABSTRACT Draupadi established form of women from the story Draupadi is retold by Mahasweta Devi in her work. comparison with its compatriot “Draupadi” of the epic Mahabharat. Mahasweta Devi pinpoints a perceived necessity of sounding a strong.

Dopdi bears the torture as she is raped by many men through the encouragement of the voice of another man Arijit, that urges her to save her comrades and not herself.

Her refusal to be clothed goes against the phallocentric power, and the exploitation of her body gives her the agency to step away from the hegemonic patriarchy of the policemen. In the contexts of both the Naxalite movement and the Bangladesh Liberation war, both men and women are tortured, but it is much worse for women as they additionally undergo sexual abuse. Spivak has shown concern regarding the representation of the subaltern in the mainstream discourse on the basis that the subaltern cannot be represented; only re-presented.

In Draupadi, Devi has not allowed her female protagonist, Dopdi, to be submissive and conquered by the male-dominated society, unlike Draupadi from the Mahabharata.

Draupadi is a narrative that is universal in its portrayal of women as the most brutal victims of conflict and war. At the end of the story as she confronts the army officers with her bare body, the body that was violated and tortured is also in reverse used as a weapon.

Even though Dopdi has been physically abused, she refuses to be emotionally wounded. In Draupadi, Devi presents a strong woman who despite being marginalised and exploited, transgresses conventional sexual and societal standards. Dopdi subverts the physicality of her body from powerlessness into powerful resistance.

She does not represent the tribal woman by romanticising her depiction of Dopdi but instead realistically re-presents her through simple language and complex emotions. By an unfair dice game, Duryodhana wins everything including the Pandavas and their wife, Draupadi.

The head strong Duryodhana sends a door-keeper to bring Draupadi to the Sabha, since she is a slave to them. Unmindful of the consequences, the door-keeper orders the Queen Draupadi to come to the court hall, as she is won by the King Duryodhana.

Now, Draupadi directs her Power to authority and interrogates the man whether his master is mad and further she demands to know who the Prince loses first, either her or him. Which prince is there who stakes his own wife?

Was the raja out of his senses?

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Was there nothing else to stake? In the hall she never hesitates to question the elders the legality of the right of Yudhistira. The power structure Power over is exhibited on the part of Draupadi. Now she comprehends the position of her spouses and her wretched condition.

She hardly waits for others to stretch a helping hand to her. As a queen she dominates the scene usurping the power of her husbands. Karna, instructs Duhsasana to strip Draupadi naked, because a slave should not have the upper garment.

Mahashweta devi's Draupadi

When the wicked Duhsasana starts pulling her single dress, the forlorn Draupadi prays to Lord Krishna to protect her: "Govinda! The mutual understanding between Krishna, the nephew of Kunti, and Draupadi supports her, that is Power with saves her from the disgrace.

During exile the stubborn Panjali follows her husbands to the forest, leaving her sons in the custody of Subhadra. When Yudhistira opts for peace, it is she who persuades him to take arms against the perpetrators and thus takes revenge for her humiliation in the open sabha. Draupadi employs Power over , Power to and Power with to save herself from the dishonor.

Vyasa s Draupadi is saved by the Lord whereas in Mahasweta Devi s story the main character Dopdi is stripped naked by the officials. No god comes to save her honor.


The power composition Power over makes her question Senanayak, who alone directs his police to humiliate the tribal woman. It is not an ordinary humiliation; it is a gang-rape ordered and performed by the leader himself.

This heinous act of disrobing and making her naked, empowers the lady. Miller s quotes from Srilatha Batliwala, defines the features of empowerment.

Mahasweta Devi’s Draupadi As A Symbol Of Subaltern Defiance

The term empowerment refers to a range of activities from individual self-assertion to collective resistance, protest and mobilization that challenge basic power relation.

For individuals and groups where class, caste, ethnicity and gender determine their access to resource and power, their empowerment begins when they recognize the systematic forces that oppress them, but act to change existing power relationships.

Empowerment, therefore, is a process aimed at changing the nature and direction of systematic forces that marginalize women and other disadvantaged sectors in a given context. Miller, 53 Dopdi, a twenty-seven year old tribal woman, is named by her mistress and she is in the list of wanted persons who had killed the mistress husband, Surja Sahu a land-owning money lender, because he refuses to share water with untouchables.

A reward of two hundred rupees is announced for her head. Dopdi herself seen that notice at the Panchayat office.

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Senanayak, an official, moves with the tribal as their friend and successfully corners Dopdi in the evening. She is kept at the canvas-camp till the dinner time. Senanayak permits the officials to do whatever they like. Her hands and legs are tied to four posts. Basically interested in writing, Mahasweta Devi wrote more than novels and over 20 collections of short stories.

The legendary and glorious mother of Bengal passed away on Jul 28, due to multiple organ failure. Draupadi is probably one of Mahasweta Devi's most famous stories, and has been reprinted and translated in several collections. Mahasweta becomes more and more involved with the lives and struggles of the unprivileged tribal women and the atrocities inflicted on them.

The Kheria Sabars, Santhals, Ganjus and Mundas, the low castes people living in the above regions are the most marginalized. Even after sixty-six years of independence, Indian society is faced with structural inequality.

Draupadi or Dopdi as her name appears in dialect, is a Santhals tribe girl, who is vulnerable to injustice but resist the burnt of social oppression and violence with strong will and courage and even try to deconstruct the age old structures of racial and gender discrimination.

The most interesting part of the story is that Dopdi Mejhen is portrayed as an illiterate, uneducated tribal woman. Yet she leads the politicized life amongst all because she is engaged in an armed struggle for the rights and freedom of the tribal people.

Draupadi, or Dopdi as her name appears in dialect, is a rebel, hunted down by the government in their attempt to overcome these groups. They murder wealthy landlords to claim wells and tube-wells which are their main sources of water in the village.

They fight for their right to basic means of nourishment.Which prince is there who stakes his own wife?

This is where the story actually begins. New Delhi: Kali for Women. Draupadi of Vyasa s masterpiece, the Mahabharata 2 , obviously, has influenced the present day writer. The idea of sustaining law dharma materializes itself as clothing and as the king pulls at her sari, there seems to be more and more of it.

The Trajectory of Subaltern in my Work.