Editorial Reviews. Review. -. About the Author. Novak Djokovic is a Serbian tennis player who is ranked World #1 by the Association of Tennis Professionals. INTERVIEW. Novak. Djokovic. – Interview by Dr Bane Krivokapic. Page 2. Page 3. Whether he's on court or off, Novak . in my book Serve to Win. We are. Просмотр темы1. DOWNLOAD Serve To Win: The Day Gluten-free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence By Novak Djokovic [PDF EBOOK EPUB site] .

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Read Serve to Win PDF - The Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence by Novak Djokovic Zinc Ink | Novak Djokovic. Novak Djokovic reveals the gluten-free diet and fitness plan that transformed his health and pushed him to the pinnacle. In , Novak Djokovic had what. Online PDF Serve to Win: The Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and and Mental Excellence Novak Djokovic pdf, by Novak Djokovic Serve to Win: The.

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PDF - Serve to win

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The Keto Reset Diet Cookbook. I feel like I'm rambling now so I'll end with this: I definitely recommend this book if you're feeling like your life is a little "blah". Not just with Novak but also Tennis as a sport.

Regret having never played it I now also admire Roger, Murray and Nadal. The book is basically about how changes in his diet helped him become world no. Advices on eating right, exercising, having positive thoughts etc.

It is astonishing how we can go through our entire lives without realizing that we are eatin I made the mistake of watching him play and now I am desperately in love. It is astonishing how we can go through our entire lives without realizing that we are eating foods year after year that we are likely very sensitive to and it might be bad for us Sure did affect his performance before Note: Every individual is different and has different body requirements. He warns against eating processed and sugary foods to maintain a steady blood sugar throughout.

You can have fruits they contain fructose 1 Drink water after you get up in the morning highly essential 2 Possibly 2 spoons of honey. Have snacks in between. Avoid carbs. Work hard and stay focused on your goals. Reading this book has given me interesting insights into the life of a world no. Djokovic records the extraordinary change in his health, well-being and stamina in competition when he gave up gluten.

Hard for a guy whose family owned a pizza shop to discover he had developed a critical sensitivity to wheat, cheese and tomato! The thing I liked most about this book is that Djokovic finishes up by reminding us that the goal of a gluten-free diet is not about losing weight and gaining more energy though that's good , but that these things are gateways. He just learnt to listen with an open mind and heart. It addresses so many levels of life that isn't typically generic and fearful.

I am just surprised that it has taken this long for some one of his calibre to take advantage of what has been there all along. It's a wonderful irony that as he achieved financial success where he could afford the most expensive allopathic medical doctors opinions he found the answers for free.

I am sure in a way Novak is appreciative of his hardships. Without them he would never have pushed to discovered his full potential. I admire Novak for speaking out against the norm. It takes a special kind of person to be this aware, to walk the talk and not be a sheep who just follows. I just wish he had written about the importance of fresh water.

Most tap water contains, chlorides and other very harmful chemicals. One should always try filter tap water. Water bottled in plastic contains harmful chemicals from the plastic.

One should try to only drink from glass bottled water. I am a 51 year old South African male tennis nut I am busy with an alternative treatment to cure cancer Lymphoma that is organic food based. It's called the Gerson therapy [ After 2 years my bloods were totally normal.

I have no traces of cancer. I am healthier and happier than I have ever been.

For these reasons this book makes so much sense to me. Like Novak I learned to listen to my body. Claude Venter. I find his story quite interesting. In this book, along with his story and plenty of information about his diet and where the gluten hides come topics as meditation, friendship, rest and training.

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Also, something that I want to give it a try: I just took what works for me. Hardcover Verified download. Great book, and as a former tennis professional, truly inspirational. Ivan Lendl and Martina Navratilova were the ones who brought fittnees as part of the tennis professionalism in the late 80's early 90's, which revolutionize the tennis world, and Novak Djokovic is the one who's bringing nutrition as part of not only tennis profesionalisms but to the every day life.

This book reflects the personal lack of awareness to our own bodies, and it is so true, what he is saying about the intolerance to certain foods. I have been suffering form skin allergic reactions and every doctor that I went, and every test they did, they could not find the reason of my allergies.

This is a brilliant book. Very interesting subject, beautifully written with many entertaining background stories. I have tried his advice and am fascinated with results.

I feel better than ever, although I have never suffered from any allergies. It just makes so much sense.

Everybody would profit from reading it. I have already told all my friends and family about this book and will be downloading it to them as birthday presents See all reviews.

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Serve to Win: The 14-Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence

Read An Excerpt. Christine Bailey and Penny Brohn. Not Enabled Screen Reader: Enjoyable and short read - and in Novak's typical irreverent voice. Absolute Tennis: