on the table. ne Read and correct the sentences. 1 Corky: Brian: 2 Corky: loe: 3 Corky: Dave: 4 Corky .. 1 Brian, Dave and zoe€"ve g29' has got a new bike. 2 Dave have got / has got What do you do in your free time? always usually often. New Grammar Time New Grammar Time (Books, Audio (for levels only!), Multi-ROMs) * Easy-to-teach units presented in a. Grammar Time - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. 1 he / my best friend 2 it / an alligator? 8 He has got a new personal stereo.

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Grammar Time 2 - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) Grammar Time 2 Student s Book With Multi ROM. New Grammar Time 2. Student's Book, with multi-ROM. p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Popular Pages. p. 1. [close]. p. 2. [close]. p. 3. [close]. p. 4. [close] . Grammar Time 2. no ad. p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Description. Ebook. Popular Pages. p. 1. [close]. p. 2. Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh.

I Uncle Jack and Aunt Diana are here! Say hello to.

Grammar Time 2

It's Tom's birthday today. I've got a present for! I can't do this exercise. Please, help! She's a great singer! We're thirsty. Please give a glass of water.

Write the words in the correct order. Don't eat. Help Dave! He can't come to the cinema with. Can we have a sandwich? Happy birthday! B: Thanks Mum. Can I wear 3. B: I've got a black pen. A: Thanks! B: Yes. A: Can I look at 5? B: Of course. This is Maria.

Look at 6! B: Come with 9 to the park. A: Great! Have you got? Has she got? Has it got? Have they got? Has it got a tail? They have got bikes.

With he. We have not got rollerblades.

Choose and write. S I have not got a cousin. Have got. Ti-s hiIrt IS dirty Her jacket is pink. His pen is black Those are their skateboards Her jacket is red.. Its tail is short. Has he got long arms'? Has Zoe got a white jacket? Hay Ask and answer. Whose shoes are these? They're Brian's Whose bag is this? Whose bicycle is this? It's Brian's Whose Whose is. Brian's book. It's Zoe's. They're Dave's.

Adam 's Martha 's It's Adam's.. Zo e's. I can. Brian can write a song and we can sing! My chicken can play basketball! I can you can he can she can it can we can you can they can Question Negative Full form Short form I cannot you cannot he cannot she cannot it cannot we cannot you cannot they cannot I can't you can't he can't she can't it can't we can't you can't they can't Can Can Can Can Can Can Can Can I?

Can they walk? Can Great! I can sing. Can and not are one word ca nnot. What can you do. He can act. They can swim.. Brian Dave sing. Brian play basketball.. Brian play basketball? Peter act? Dave and Peter play basketball? Zoe act? Brian sing? Dave and Peter Look at exercise 1 and answer. Peter sing. Dave and Peter Zoe play basketball.. S Can Dave tennis? A B 1 Can Zoe play a bike Brian write songs I a bike but I oo t boll He and he. Can Ask and answer Read and wr ite.

That's my portrait. They are tomatoes. It's awful! Your teeth are big and your eyes are small! They aren't glasses. Sometimes the singular and the plural are the same.

For nouns that end in -s. Those are Brian's paintings. They're Corky's feet! Plural nouns. Put the plurals in the three sacks. To talk about something or someone that is further away from us. This is a painting.. We use a plural noun and a plural verb with these and those..

These are glasses. Those are biscuits.. These are my cornflakes and those are your biscu its! The plural of that is tho e. The plural of this is these.. That is a computer. These are oranges These are dresses It's a head. Singular Plural 1 This is a dress. Those are mice Plural nouns.. Prepositions of place.

Are they under the desk? Are they next to the stereo? They're in your pocket. The short form is Where 's. She's behind the door. It's in the hall. They're in the park. We use Where is for one person or thing. There is no short form. When we use between. Prepositions of place in on under behind between in front of next to near Singular Where 'IS the photograph?

It's Where is? It's Where are the flowers? Where are? They're They're. Sit's the door. Prepositions of place l where? Look and circle the correct answer. Where is the ball? S Where his rollerblades? Zoe's where is 4 are where our computer games? S where my blue is jacket? Ask and answer.

Whe re are the ice-creams? Put the words in the right order. Your glasses are on your head. Write the questions Her pencil case is in her bag Prepositions of place The kittens are under the bed Penny and Kate His pen is in his pocket Fiona is near the window Corky is behind Brian Where is Brian? There aren't three pens in my pencil case. The short form is there's. There are two Indians! Question Negative there is there are there's Full form Short form there is not there are not there isn't there aren't Is there?

Are there? The short forms are there isn't and there aren't. Are there flowers in your garden? I n ten Yes. I ce-cream.. Choose and write.. Is there a banana in the bowl? Is are isn't aren't h frid ge.. Ask and answe r. I'm are toy shops is xl there museum Dear Max There are two chairs.

Look and write. Brian Find the differences. In your town. There a library and a but.. There is My name is Brian and. There are some books on the desk. There is some milk. I have got some paper in my bag. She has got some flowers in her hair. There isn't any milk. Are there any books? Is there any milk?

We haven't got any pets. There aren't any biscuits. Are there any crisps? There is some milk in the jug.

Make it fun time with New Grammar Time!

There aren't any books. There isn't any orange juice. There are some biscuits for Corky in the cupboard! Affirmative Negative Question There are some books. Are there any biscuits? Is there any orange juice? Have you got any pets? S alligator I can see some lions. Look and write S There isn't bread on the table How many sandwiches are there? Where is the orange juice? How many apples are there? How many books are there? How much milk is there?

How much orange juice is there? JUice 10 friends has he got? C how many how much many 1 How.. Where Is Brian? OBrian He's under the table. They're Dave's sunglasses These are brushes They're his sunglasses The ball is between you and me. We use pronouns instead of names and nouns that have already been mentioned. I GI Obiect pronouns Don't look at them! Be careful! I can't skate! Help me! The biscuits are next to the bananas.

I can't see him. I haven't got your pen. Can you help Zoe? Can you help her? Brian is behind them. I can't see Dave. We use object pronouns in place of the object of the verb. I haven't got it. The ball is between us. Brian is behind Zoe and Dave. The biscuits are next to them. He is tall. S Pet e r an d I are friends. Obi ct pronouns Complete. I me you he she it we you them Read and write.

S The apples are in the basket. She is behind him. S Mark can't carry the boxes. Circle the correct answer. This is a present for.. Look at. Can you see a he b she c it 9 They live near Help a he! I can't see? Obiect pronouns 8 Complete Can you open 3 He is behind the tree I can't carry a her b it c them 5 Dave can't skate..

He can't come with a we 7 a She bl c us mother is a teacher. Do you like a him.. You can't eat a them 3 a They b they c their noses are funny! I can't see Close 5 It's Susan's birthday today I'm behind Zoe..! Circle the correct answer.. To tell someone to do something or not to do something we use the imperative.

New Grammar Time 2 SB.pdf

Don't talk now! Stand up! Look at Brian. Let's have pizza! Don't stand there. When we use the imperative we put the verb at the beginning of the sentence. Don 't eat all the biscuits. Open the window! Stand near the door! Don't open the window! Don't stand near the door! Sit on that chair! Don't drink my lemonade! Imperatives Write. A B 1 Let's play eat my ice cream! Match and write.

Sit on this chair! Turn left! Stand near the window! Take an umbrella! Help him! Close the door!

They aren't singing. I'm not sleeping. I am reading a book. Is she playing tennis? To describe what is happening at the moment we are talking in other words. They are not singing. In short answers we do not repeat the verb root with the suffix -ing. We use short forms as for the verb to be. Present continuous They're taking photographs!

Affirmative Negative Question I am I'm eating you are you're eating he is he's eating she is she's eating it is it's eating we are we're eating you are you're eating they are they're eating I am not I'm not eating you are not you aren't eating he is not he isn't eating she is not she isn't eating it is not it isn't eating we are not we aren't eating you are not you aren't eating they are not they aren't eating Am I eating?

Are you eating? Is he eating? Is she eating? Is it eating? Are we eating? Are they eating?

We are watching TV. He's playing football. I they she you it Write the short form. Present continuous eat eating close red read ing dance closing sit dancing run sit ting ru nning Write Look at exercise 5. Write the correct answers.

Corky eat an ice-cream.. Dave not watch T'I.. Present continuou cv. He play basketball.

Peter and Jenny study.. It's seven o'clock What you. Dear Max. In short answers we do not repeat the main verb. Do you watch TV every day? Do they play basketball every Sunday? We play basketball every day.

Do they read comics? Do you play? Do they play? To talk about something we do often. The short form of this is don 't.

They download ice-creams every Sunday. Present imple Write. I don't like bananas. He sleeps with his toy mouse! He go es to bed at 10 o'clock. Present simple She goes to bed at 9 o'clock. I get up at 8 o'clock. I play with my brother.

I get up at 9 o'clock. I do my homework. I play with my sister. I go to bed at 10 o 'clock. I watch TV in the afternoon. He likes football. Present simple Write. I help my mum. He drives a night bus! Affirmative he eats she eats it eats Question Negative Full form Short form he does not eat she does not eat it does not eat he doesn't eat she doesn't eat it doesn't eat Does he eat? Does she eat? Does it eat? We do not put the suffix -s on the verb root in: Present simple He.

She doesn't like bananas.

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Does he read comics? X Does it eat fish? He doesn 't get up early in the morning! Does he drive a big car?

This is my cousin. Wr ite. Do you eat? Does he eat? Do we eat? Do they eat? She lives in Paris. He studies languages Ie lil[8s fHilk? We brush our teeth every morning He goes to bed at 10 o'clock.

Dave plou basketball but he.. Brian listen to pop music? Dear Tara. Dave and Brian love cats! Kate help her mother? Read and write. Present simple Choose and write. Dave and Brian. I've got two frie nds. Brian write songs.. Brian not like fish. We use the present continuous for things that are happening now.

It's 8 0' clock now and she's sleeping! Dave goes to school at 8 o'clock! It's 9 o'clock now and Dave is playing basketball!

We use phrases like every day. They are not playing basketball They are playing football today.. Zoe gets up at 7 O'clock. He plays tennis every Friday. We watch TV on Saturdays. Present continuous He is playing football - today.

We use phrases like today and now with the present continuous. S She tidies her room after school. Form the question. S They play tennis on Wednesdays. Pre ent simple and present continuous 12 Write. Present continuous Present simple Now Every day 1 play he is playing he plays 2 watch she 3 sleep they 4 eat it S study we 6 wash he 7 go she 8 close you Form the negative. She cook every day. Today 1 I? We wea r hats. Th ey don't lik I list e ning to mus ic. T he ba bies cry ing..

Present simple and present continuous Choose the correct answer. Always remember to use the word than after the comparative.

This bag is heavier than that bag. Mary is taIler than her sister.. Dave is thinner than Brian. If the adjective has one syllable and ends in a vowel and then a consonant. This car is faster than that car. This doll is prettier than that doll! This doll is nicer than that doll!

This doll is better than that doll.. It can walk and it can tclkl I can't download a present for you now! I've got no money!Present simple and present continuous Choose the correct answer. They're Brian's Does she want to go? Then act it out in class.

What you do yesterday?