The Borgia Apocalypse: The Screenplay - site edition by Neil Jordan. I'm sure Neil Jordan was thrown off by Showtime's announcement that season 3. Showtime, I saw it as a unique opportunity to write a hour film, about power, I am presenting this screenplay as an ebook to show those fans how the story. From Academy Award-winning screenwriter Neil Jordan comes THE BORGIA APOCALYPSE, the epic conclusion to Showtime's acclaimed TV series THE.

The Borgias Showtime Ebook

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Please join us for a discussion of the eBook of the 2-hour wrap-up Showtime is probably releasing this to make everyone stop asking for this. I binge watched the television show of "The Borgias" from Showtime on Netflix . IF YOU ARE A CESARE AND LUCREZIA FAN DO NOT READ THIS EBOOK. "The Borgias" fans are getting closure after than two months after Showtime canceled the Jeremy Irons drama after three seasons, the.

Reader Marti Is there anything on Showtime anymore??? Boo on you Showtime executives!

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The Showtime Borgias was an entertaing view of the corruption within the Church , both past and present. Showtime wants to bring out another sreies about the Church without finishing what it started.

Bye, bye Showtime. So many important historical points were passed over. Jordan did an exceptional job writing for the first 3 seasons and in order to do justice to his writing and to the history of the Borgias, a fourth season is sorely required.

Such rich history needs to unfold. Subtleties need to be addressed.

Halfway through the shooting of the third season, I received word that the new regime at Showtime might not want to continue with the fourth.

The series was expensive to produce, since we always did our utmost to do justice to the architecture, design and costume of the period, however free we allowed ourselves to be with the actual events.

Neil Jordan’s Proposed Two-Hour ‘Borgias’ Finale Script To Be Released As E-Book

The ratings were steady, if not spectacular, but there was a large network of avid fans, who followed the machinations of the family, their loves, their losses, their tragedies with absolute devotion. As a compromise I proposed a two-hour film, which would bring the story of the family to a satisfactory and apocalyptic conclusion.

For a variety of reasons, mainly cost, Showtime decided not to proceed with the two-hour film. About Publish Join Sign In.

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If this had been I would've been angry as it's character assasination. Anyway, historically there was a rumor of the siblings being romantically involved but there is no hard evidence stating as much.

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What probably happened was that people who hated the family began to circulate the rumor and it's stuck with the family history through all of these hundred years.

Jordan announced their might be a movie to finish up the story but then Showtime nixed it, leaving our murderous family to sit in the annals of history rather than play out their lives, somewhat fictitiously, on screen.

Hopper at 8: Enabled Lending: Any word that is going to be on Cesare's last breath would be Lucrezia.