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Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. When a high-priced prostitute is murdered in the neighboring hotel room, sole witness Cameron Lynde s safety is in the very . their sexy past aside to work on a case in Julie James' Something About You. I can't count the number of times I laughed while reading the book this is. - download There's Something About You book online at best prices in India on Read There's Something About You book reviews & author.

But still, a nice read for me. Jul 15, Devika rated it really liked it. To begin with, I should confess that I don't generally read such books. And by "such books", I mean the ones packaged yes, that IS the best word in bright colours, with long titles that give away the plot line of the book. Which is why, when I started to read the preview chapters, I didn't expect Yashodhara Lal's book to be much better.

But I was surprised - pleasantly. It was so nice to read an Indian "light read" written by somebody who can put a sentence together properly.

I binge-read the To begin with, I should confess that I don't generally read such books. I binge-read the three chapters in the preview and then her blog for good measure and realized that I would have to read the rest of the book somehow she really knows how to throw in a cliffhanger.

Luckily, I was able to get hold of a preview copy. I received the book by around noon, and and I had finished it before the day ended. When the mother of a five-month-old says that about a book, you better believe that that's one unputdownable book. Or maybe I have a bad binge-reading disease.

So what's the book all about? Though it's been billed as the Romance of the Year, it's actually much more than that.

It's about Trishna Saxena Trish , an overweight year-old who uses sarcasm as a defence mechanism. She feels the need to protect herself and her family a father with Alzheimer's and a mother who tries to dominate her life from any intruders. Her nice comfy life is disrupted when she loses her job.

To add to the confusion, there's a seven-year-old who behaves like a teenager, an agony aunt column, a tragic accident, and of course our male protagonist, Sahil. Yashodhara Lal writes well - she's funny in a sarcastic way. There are some interesting non-cardboardy characters, a decent plot that is predictably feel-good and yet has some surprising elements - does that even make sense?

The best part of the book was that it didn't talk down to the reader. It expected me to be intelligent and yet want to have a good time - something other writers in the genre don't seem to have understood yet.

And - hell - I might as well confess it. I identified with her, I liked her sarcasm, I liked her flaws, I liked how she didn't have everything together in her life at the beginning of the book anyway. I do have a few things to crib about, of course. By the end of the book, there are just too many plotlines.

Those who read the book will understand what I mean - the final plot element is a bit too dramatic and hard to take in. The second crib I have is the cover. I mean - would you look at that cover? Is that supposed to be Trish? That looks more like a fashion-conscious teenager than a year-old overweight writer. But I guess this cover will sell better. Overall - a well-written, light, feel-good read that has ensured that I won't discount all commercial fiction out of hand in the future.

View 1 comment. Sep 29, Avanthika rated it it was amazing. This book, within its pages, questions comprehensively about the self-proclaimed forthrightness of the society. Hypocrites will hate the book. For instance, to them, the traffic in Mumbai is solely because of Trish's lethargy: P She has to support her financially affected family.

Her dominating mother and Alzheimer affected father are no financial support to her. She agrees to her former employers to write a column in newspaper anonymously for whooping sum of money. With her sarcastic and sensible answers, she makes it a point to meticulously inject something into the minds of the society that is refusing to think beyond weight, skin colour, relationships and sex.

Other than the family issues and her body weight, Trish has few more things to deal with. A nosy friend, adult like behaving six-year old kid of that nosy friend, stupid editor and an over-enthusiastic colleague. She has enough troubles and 36 years old Samir joins the list.

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He claims himself to be physic and he somehow finds the writer behind the anonymous Amy and successfully falls in love. The rest of the story is better left unsaid. I completely loved the way it ended. Yashodhara Lal has made a way for herself into the dorm of Indian contemporary writers. She makes it a point to woo the readers within the first 10 pages of the novel.

Engaging read indeed. Gave me the much-needed and best break from day-to-day chores in a positive manner. It's a story of a young woman who is full of spunk, anxiety and battles with her weight, argues with her mom - like many of us.

Yashodhara has created a very relate-able and normal character with whom many can identify. It's a romance but not silly and candy type love story that leaves you feeling diabetic.

She is overweight, single, the sole caretaker of her Alzheimer suffering father and nosy mother and then jobless! Adding more fuel to her already chaotic and troublesome life, enters Sahil. He is geeky, lean and normal in all sense except that he is sure that he has superpowers! Can Trish handle all this trouble and succeed in bringing her life in order? What is that feeling she ge http: What is that feeling she gets with Sahil? I fell in love with the cover of this book and could not help myself from checking it out!

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The blurb is interesting and had me agreeing that this was a book I wanted to read. Right from the start, my attention was captured by the story which starts with an ordinary girl trying to stay afloat in a metropolitan city like Mumbai. Trish's quirks, eccentricities and her dysfunctional family had me grinning and enjoying as I stayed glued to my seat. The plot is seemingly plain but it surprises us when we really get down to reading the book. The author's writing style is engaging, witty and expressive.

I could visualize the scenarios, feel the emotions and couldn't help myself as I got transported to Trish's life. The characters feel like real people with real problems. I loved Trish with all her insecurities, her parents especially her mother irritated me in the beginning but then slowly I started seeing the normal Indian mother pattern in her. She is like so many other Indian mothers, pestering their daughters to loose weight, get married then have children and always having a say in their personal lives.

Then when the daughters get angry, they, like Trish's mother, make sweets and other delicacies to please them. Sahil had me falling in love with him. He is so cute with his geeky look but mature enough to know how to handle situations. He complemented Trish perfectly and had me rooting for their happily-ever-after. Trish's friend and neighbor is also a very interesting character and had me feeling like she was my best friend too.

The other characters are also tastefully developed and provide an insight into the varied facets of human personality. The pace of the story is perfect and the story carried forward fluidly. The suspense and the interconnecting of events had me feeling impressed with the author. The many subplots in the story are beautifully executed and closed.

The whole Agony aunt column gave me a new perspective to Trish's character and also to the fact that people listen to sarcasm better than they do to kind words. All in all, There's Something About You is a love story unlike any other.

It has emotional play, suspense, relationship study, some mischief and whole lot of love. Go read the book and enjoy. I loved Yashodhara's writing style and look forward to reading her other books soon.

I received the book from the author and the publishers and I am very thankful to them. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced. Jul 12, Pankaj Goyal rated it liked it. Yes, there is romance but there is more than that.

The book is neither a melodrama nor a silly college romance. On the other hand, this is a journey of a girl who is trying to make a sense of her life. This book, in a way, also provides a criticism of how our society looks down upon fat women and also on red tape and autocracy in the field of journalism.

The story revolves around an overweight girl of 28 years of age. Trishna Saxena or Trish suddenly finds herself out of job. With dwindling finances, she tries to find another job but without success. While she finally gets her hands on a freelancing job, this job brings a number of problems. At this moment of her life, Trish meets Sahil. Sahil, a psychic, is a young man of 35 years of age whose life has been saved by an angel.

And, as the story progresses, the plot keeps you engaged. You will have to read the book to know about the rest of the story.

It appears that Yashodhara Lal had a very clear idea of what she wished to achieve in this novel. This work is certainly a tightly structured work. Trish, the main protagonist of this novel, provides the main perspective and point of view in this novel. She is not only seen from the inside, but also placed very carefully in this novel.

By contrasting her with other female characters of the novel, Yashodhara tries to provide the readers with a reasonable picture of women in contemporary Indian society. However, at the same time, she feels the need of protecting her parents both financially and emotionally. The author should be complemented for bringing out this character so beautifully. The readers will definitely be able to identify with this character.

They will even love her flaws. Yashodhara Lal writes well, really well. Her writing brilliantly throws light on the difficulties faced by Trish. Another plus point of the narrative is the creation of comical scenes in the book. These comical scenes have been crafted adroitly and quite often bring a smile on your face. The book scores positive marks on several fronts. However, at the same time, there are certain things which left you unsatisfied.

The cover page, for example, could have been better. Likewise, the climax could have been more realistic. Nevertheless, overall, this book gives you a beautiful story of a beautiful girl. I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.

Read more reviews on: Trish is recently fired from her long time job at a leading media house in Mumbai. Despite of the seven plus.. Read the full review here - http: Aug 06, Preethi Venugopala rated it really liked it. A different read with humour and sarcasm that gives giggles as well as tackles serious issues. Trish is a well rounded character pun intended and compassionate to the core. The book talks about her transformation from being the doormat to a completely independent and strong character.

Sahil, with his psychic abilities, comes into her life and changes her perception about many things, and in a way gives it a proper direction. All in all a good read for a rainy afternoon. I enjoyed it. Sep 04, Divya Mathur added it Shelves: A Sunday read, different from other monotonous romances we get in the market. Aug 17, Inderpreet Uppal rated it really liked it. A loser, fat, just fired, on the wrong side of twenties girl who is trying to find her calling and her zone.

Who wants to read about losers, right? Wrong, we all want to know, what did she do right to be in this situation first? The initial chapters build up to the actual love story and I found that very interesting.

The moment she rescues a guy while almost drowning and then gets followed by a stranger, nearly pulverizing him!! The story warms up to a love a story very slowly, almost as if love A loser, fat, just fired, on the wrong side of twenties girl who is trying to find her calling and her zone. The story warms up to a love a story very slowly, almost as if love is already there, it just needs to be accepted.

The novel has a lot of masala, magic and madness! Yes, never a dull moment. Right from the time Trish gets fired, almost dies and resurrects herself. The story of a girl trying to find herself and a guy who wants to forget himself till they find each other — could have been the tag line of the book. Two very different people but they just click the moment they meet. Never have I read a book with not one but two meetings of this kind, well third time was indeed a charm for them!

The one thing that pulled me in the book was the language. The way Trishna shares her thoughts about the things around her was so crisp, caustic and pretty much the voice of youth today. The parents add a lot of reality and value to this book; it is not your typical fluffy romance. This story has a strong core, Trish might feel stifled with her life but this is the life she chose and will not have it any other way. The moments between the father — daughter were very endearing.

The squabbles with her mom; well I think we all know why they read so familiar.


The only odd point was the amount of medicines she gave to her Dad, a bit much but then her mother did cook a lot too! This story has a lot going on; the free loader, rich friend Akanksha and her sweet child Lisa add more layers to the story.

Will he get his own story? Maybe if he tries hard enough, he will find his sweet spot yet again! Even though I was able to figure out what Akanksha was up to by her second appearance!

It was a bit of a bummer there but still Lisa more than made up for her mother and I think for a secondary character Lisa was the best out of the lot. Now the part that I really liked, well the letters were cool. I have read similar ones in a few magazines and they are all the rage. How Trish writes them and how they affect her helped me understand her character a lot better.

Zee was so cruel for want of a better word but she was also the wind that helped Trish rise against the odds. Most of her growth was due to the treatment meted out to her by Zee. In life we do need a sudden push to get into action and so did Trish. So the clashes were like the fuel she needed to move ahead. Sahil, now how can I not like him, cute, well mannered, kind and plays a guitar; he is so endearing.

From all that he has been through, he turns out to be quite the stabilizer in the novel. The only thing I did not like was he not giving his readings of people to Trish! And I wanted to know more about him, have them alone for more conversations and just sea gazing! Their friendly banter and faith in each other speaks volumes about love, much more than a testosterone charged exchange can.

Sweet, practical and very endearing love; Sahil is all about embracing love in all its shades and moods. Also I loved the page numbers in the middle of the page, so much easier to find where I was and the quirky arrow was cool, stylish too.

Sep 07, Abhilash Ruhela rated it liked it. I always heard about first two books by Yashodhara Lal but never got a chance to read them.

Finally, I got my hands on her latest and 3rd fictional book named "There's Something About You" which also carries a tagline "She was in enough trouble before he came along The cover page of the book is very interesting and unavoidable which definitely makes a reader pick it up and go through its synopsis once.

The pages story is a complete entertainer with different mood shifts which can make I always heard about first two books by Yashodhara Lal but never got a chance to read them. The pages story is a complete entertainer with different mood shifts which can make you as mad as the characters in the book. Not a single character is normal which makes the reader get lost in their world and forget his.

Only when he shall get up after completing the novel, he will come to know about the crazy world he was in. That's how this book intrigues you in itself. Yashodhara Lal have written the book in a very fluid language which makes it easy for a reader to read it in one sitting. Right from the first chapter, the character of Trish is described so clearly that it generates interest to know more about her.

The backdrop of her family situation is also maintained very well nicely and the way the secret is revealed in the end gives the book quite a fine ending. The chemistry of Sahil and Trish is also discussed periodically rather than making this book a complete romantic saga.

The best part is how Trish handles Nivedita and Zee when she gets into a deal with them. That's the only part in this book which I'll support if I have to fight a debate in favor of it. The first half of the book is more interesting than the second which is not in favor of this book. Initially, as there's a distance and barrier in every relation described in this book, you become assured that there's something magical in the second part of the book.

By the time you reach there, the distance still exists and even when some of them become cool and fine, it's not done in the manner which may excite you. It happens so plainly that you just end up reading it as another initial chapter. I wish if authoress could have added something more masaledaar in the end. But overall, the narration have played its part which helps in engaging you even when books become quite slow at times.

I will give it 3. You can go for it. May be such weird relationship entertain you more than it did to me. Jul 26, Kritika Narula rated it really liked it. Originally reviewed at my blog This book is a pure joyride. It is begins as the story of Trish short for Trishna whose life is a maze of the monotonous days. To aggravate the daily humdrum, are her real problems not first-world problems, but REAL ones: She can be called a loner. Although one can't see why she Originally reviewed at my blog This book is a pure joyride.

Although one can't see why she doesn't make friends-oh wait- she is overweight, right. And our welcoming society sneers at her, pokes fun at her. Well, the story takes many turns, and turns out that the other characters are just as important and crucial as our protagonist.

She starts freelancing for the same company she was fired from. For a while it seems that things are taking a turn for the good, if and only if you can sell some sarcasm and a part of your conscience to write answers for the most ridiculous questions asked by people.

As long as the questions pertained to relationships, her sarcasm tackled it fine. But there's only so much of conscience you can give up for a higher pay. Enter Sahil- who knows her secrets and who ensures she knows his secrets too.

The novel is such a refreshing one- a plot of chick-lit novel, a serious tangent to it towards the end, a methodically etched plot and perfectly worded sentences in this genre by an Indian author. I just felt the suspense towards the end could have lingered longer- but that might be just my taste for the dramatic. Funny, hilarious, heart-warming, positive and quirky- both in its plot and characters- this book is recommended as a sensible light-read! Jun 27, Sonali Mathur rated it really liked it.

Something About You

On many levels, the novel also provides a strong critique of how the society looks down upon plus-sized women. HarperCollins Publishers has re-launched its Harlequin imprint with this light, breezy, not-so-typical romance. What really sets her off the hook, though, is when everyone starts finding fault with her and offering their own solutions. The most delightful thing about the book is the simplistic honesty of the narrative that makes even everyday situations sound almost comical.

The narrative also mirrors the difficulties and insecurities faced by obese women at workplaces and at home and the shallow society we live in. For full review, go to http: Oct 02, Book'd rated it really liked it Shelves: Some stories feels like a soothing cool breeze on your face. There's something in this book that kept me intrigued and glued to my site until I finished it. There are two main characters in the book that I adored.

One is Trishna aka Trish and Sahil.

Sahil has a limited presence in the story as compared to Trish but he was an adorable guy throughout the story. The story is about an overweight girl Trish, who is living with her mother and diseased Some stories feels like a soothing cool breeze on your face.

The story is about an overweight girl Trish, who is living with her mother and diseased father in Mumbai.

One day she got fired from the job and she finds herself in the miserable situation as she has was the only one who manages the bread and butter for her home.

She has skills of sarcastic and witty writing and eventually she found herself employed to write a column in the magazine with a contract which doesn't allow her to reveal her identity to anyone. The dialogue is fantastic. Smart, snappy, funny yet realistic.

Something About You is a perfect storm of awesome. This is a contemporary romance well worth savoring, and laughing over, and reading all over again. Something About You is one of the most sophisticated contemporary romances out there, and James writes a smart, tough, yet extremely appealing heroine.

Something About You

This is a must-read for those searching for a smart romance with great characters and a no-holds-barred plot. Well, I get it now. Something About You is a fun contemporary romance filled with witty, well-developed characters, and it is a book I heartily recommend. I really loved this book. When I finished, I wanted to start reading it again.

James is a master of witty repartee and the dialogue between the two main characters is seriously entertaining. Something About You was an entertaining read from cover to cover. It had everything you could want in a great contemporary setting. Characters that leaped off the page, a storyline that kept you interested and a hero that was just to smexy for words. Something About You has lots of sparkling dialogue and humorous situations.

It also has a tough, brainy heroine, a coolly macho hero, and a great cast of secondary characters. James is a promising new romance author.

James has taken the contemporary romance and added her own unique style to it. Something About You pits a stubborn woman against a man who has had to fight for his very life many times over.

Add a sexual tension thick enough to ooze off the page, a man determined to kill anyone in his way, and a murder investigation involving the social elite, and this makes for a winning novel. You could not ask for a better book to read and this author never fails to impress me.

There are plot twists and surprises that had me biting my nails. The sexual attraction and tension literally zings between Jack and Cameron.I wanted to wish her real so I could know her. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Reviewed by Cee from Alpha Book Club On the other hand, this is a journey of a girl who is trying to make a sense of her life. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Sahil the Mithaiwala is a young man whose life has been miraculously saved by an angel. Which is why, when I started to read the preview chapters, I didn't expect Yashodhara Lal's book to be much better.