Published, Serialized: August to January ; book Publisher, Cornhill Magazine (serial); Smith, Elder and Company, book. Media type, Print. Wives and Daughters, An Every-Day Story is a novel by Elizabeth Gaskell, first published in the. Start by marking “Wives and Daughters” as Want to Read: Set in English society before the Reform Bill, Wives and Daughters centres on the story of youthful Molly Gibson, brought up from childhood by her father. And now I've fallen in love with Elizabeth Gaskell's writing. Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives and Daughters is a story of romance, scandal and intrigue within the confines of a watchful, gossiping English village.

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Also by Elizabeth Gaskell · Cranford · Gothic Tales · Ruth · The Life of Charlotte Bronte · Sylvia's Lovers. See all books by Elizabeth Gaskell. download Wives and Daughters (Wordsworth Classics) on beijuaganette.ga ✓ FREE Wives and Daughters and millions of other books are available for instant access. Wives and Daughters: An Every-Day Story [Elizabeth Gaskell] on beijuaganette.ga * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Folio Society book. Cloth binding, sewn.

It'll be an interesting comparison.

One of my favorites! Mary Barton is also good, and I strongly recommend North and South if you haven't read it already also a good TV adaptation.

Thanks Karen, it's such a beautiful book. I haven't read much Gaskell, since Cranford years ago, and it seems she's written a treasure trove.

Wives and Daughters Summary & Study Guide

I really want to read more now, and the two you've mentioned are on my radar. Oh wow, this is a long one!

Glad you enjoyed this one. She's a great author.

Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

I knew she'd written novels, but didn't realise how many she'd written, and now want to read more. And I read that bio of Charlotte Bronte light years ago, and probably due for a re-read: Posted by Paula Vince at 9: Becky January 23, at 2: This novel takes place in England in the 's.

When Molly was a small child her mother died leaving Molly to be raised with her father the town doctor. As Molly gets older her father sees the advantages to Molly having a mother to teach her how to be a young women and all the things he can't, so he marries a widow woman with a daughter about Molly's age named Cynthia.

Cynthia is beautiful and charming and she and Molly become fast friends. Molly loves Cynthia and would do anything for her, that love is tested many times.

Before Molly's father marries Clare, Molly is becomes friends with a family in the neighborhood named the Hamley's. The Hamley's have two son's Osborne, and Roger.

Osborne is everything Molly thought she could like about a boy and Roger was just the opposite of his brother. Molly and Roger become friends and Roger talks to Molly about books and science and teaches her things she has always wanted to learn.

During one visit with the Hamley's Molly overhears and secret she wishes for years to come that she never knew. Osborne has secretly gotten married and wants her to help keep his secret from his father.

As Molly and Cynthia become closer Molly realizes that her new sister seems to have a power over most young men and they can't' help falling for her charms. Roger Hamley would be no exception, and soon proposes marriage to Cynthia.

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Molly isn't sure why she isn't happy for her sister.Gaskell is nearly as witty as Dickens, but turns her attention in much the same direction as Austen, with that same satirical edge to her domestic descriptions. To be honest, our Molly, though possessing many admirable qualities, is not one of the more interesting characters in the book.

For the latest books, recommendations, offers and more. While she definitely has some evil stepmotherish moments, these are also alleviated by moments in which she really cares for Molly and tries to do the right thing for her.

This is my new favorite.